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What is vintage furniture?

Vintage furniture is design furniture that was produced between the early 1940s and the 1990s. This definition, although widely accepted, is not unanimously accepted within the community of design furniture sellers. As its use is not regulated by law, it remains at the discretion of the retailer to explain the meaning of the word he … Continue reading “What is vintage furniture?”

The Brussels Design Market

Authentic furniture, lighting and decoration objects of the 20th Century presented by more than 100 international dealers : from collectible pieces, well-know classics, to anonymous designs.  The largest vintage design market in Europe → 20th century art fair Since its creation in 2002, the Brussels Design Market has evolved into the « the largest design market … Continue reading “The Brussels Design Market”

Organic Design

You are probably familiar with the surprising imitation of nature that is organic design. It appeared in the 1950s, based on an architectural concept introduced by the work of the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Organic design is concerned with the harmony between the habitat, the environment and the individual, and focuses in particular on the … Continue reading “Organic Design”

A House named Desire

An inheritance can sometimes upset a well-laid-out life. This is what the Franco-Belgian photographer Serge Anton felt when he received this family house built 100 years ago by his great-grandfather. Located on the eastern edge of Sedan, in the heart of the French Ardennes, his ancestor named it “Mon Désir”, as evidenced by an inscription on … Continue reading “A House named Desire”

Our Favorite Spiral Staircases in Europe

The staircase … an architectural work widespread throughout the world, which today has an infinite number of variations, whether in its form, structure, materials or style. Certainly practical, the staircase also became from the Renaissance the object of impressive architectural explorations and increasingly marked aesthetic work. Thus, the double-spiral staircase of the Château de Chambord … Continue reading “Our Favorite Spiral Staircases in Europe”

Back to the 1990s and the design work of Philippe Starck: let’s go!

Philippe Starck is a designer driven by commitments. Throughout his career reflecting on ecology and economics, he has succeeded in revolutionizing the world of design. Born in 1949, Philippe Starck grew up in the French capital before being trained at the Ecole Camondo. He kicked off his career when he was hired some time later … Continue reading “Back to the 1990s and the design work of Philippe Starck: let’s go!”

7 women – 7 pieces

The 20th century was rich in furniture designs, which today have become vintage classics. Despite less recognition and visibility, many women have contributed to enriching this beautiful collection. Whether they have worked alone, in a group or as a couple, they are an integral part of the great design adventure. Today we present to you … Continue reading “7 women – 7 pieces”

20th century French rugs: from Art Nouveau to contemporary creations

  France shines as much by its creativity and know-how as by the attraction it exerts on artists from all over the world. Through the major periods explored: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, neoclassicism, artist rugs, contemporary creations, models and achievements of major names in the carpet are presented.   This article is inspired by Françoise … Continue reading “20th century French rugs: from Art Nouveau to contemporary creations”

Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram is undeniably a gold mine for all design and vintage  lovers. The dedicated pages  are constantly growing. Here is a small selection of accounts to get inspired.   Normanordic For a Scandinavian inspiration, we invite you to scroll through the Instagram page of the Nomanordic shop. The furninure presented, dating from the 20th century, is a … Continue reading “Instagram Accounts to Follow”