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Our Favorite Spiral Staircases in Europe

The staircase … an architectural work widespread throughout the world, which today has an infinite number of variations, whether in its form, structure, materials or style.

Certainly practical, the staircase also became from the Renaissance the object of impressive architectural explorations and increasingly marked aesthetic work.

Thus, the double-spiral staircase of the Château de Chambord in France, preventing people going up to cross those going down, never ceases to captivate us. A more recent example of the technical research is the 1966 helical staircase by Roger Tallon, whose cast aluminum steps appear to fly above the ground.

The staircase has typically become the source of endless emulation between architects, designers and creators, whether located outside or inside. Among the most spectacular interior creations, there are numerous spiral staircases, because this structure allows to play on the forms and to constantly innovate. Some of these spiral steps are famous, others are less well known… The following illustrations show you our favorites from Europe.


Den Bell Tower, Antwerp (Belgium)

© Erik AJV

These modern-style stairs allow to climb the floors of the 58-meter-high tower of the Den Bell building in Antwerp, where administrative offices are located.


Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar (Germany)

© Jan Torben Willkomm

This staircase, located in the headquarters of Leica Camera AG in Germany, is obviously an allusion to what the company manufactures : the spiral forms an eye, that of the camera.


Light Bulb Staircase, Prague (Czech Republic)

© Denis Fisher

An amazing staircase because of its shape: that of a light bulb that the top window turns on during the day. The structure is located in The House of the Black Madonna in Prague, a Cubist building built by Joseph Gočár at the beginning of the 20th century.


Budapest (Hungary)

© Balint Alovits

Do you see the staircase? This incredible modern structure, located in a building in Budapest, offers a fascinating point of view: triangles that seem to repeat themselves endlessly.


The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest (Hungary)

© Bódis Krisztián

Budapest is full of many other spiral structures, such as the lobby of this magnificent city center hotel.


The Tulip Stairs at Queen’s House, Greenwich (London)


The sweeping Tulip Stairs are one of the original features of the Queen’s House. This ornate, wrought iron structure was the first geometric self-supporting spiral stair in Britain.


Vatican Museums, Roma (Italy)

© 2010 Hotels Fairy – Hotel Price Comparison

If you’ve ever been to the Vatican Museums, you are probably familiar with the wonderful, spiral staircase leading you out of the museums. Built by Giuseppe Momo in the 1930’s, it became one of the most photographed “masterpieces” in all the museums!

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