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Vintage Route – Brussels Design September

Eco-responsible shopping 



The vintage style has become one of the most important trends on the market in recent years, but it is also a new way of life. The reuse of objects of all kinds, whether they come from the textile, furniture or other sectors, is becoming increasingly common for various reasons. You only have to look at the growing development of the vintage trade: shops, markets, barter, clothing sales, applications, websites… all these opportunities to buy second-hand are multiplying and making themselves heard!

Vintage buying is not limited to a simple taste or interest in the aesthetics of the 20th century. It is also the choice of a lifestyle, with a positive impact on the environment, both on a large and small scale.

Offering an additional use for certain products is in fact an ecologically responsible act: it is environmentally responsible act: it produces less waste and consumes less energy. Besides this promise of sustainability, there is also a small economic revolution as new jobs are created, and quality objects can be designed at democratic prices.

In other words, the ethical stakes of vintage are very real, and nothing is more fun than in a multicultural city like Brussels, to go hunting and find the piece that will personalise your interior! Whether in the city centre or in more remote areas, Brussels is full of charming shops dedicated to vintage design.

It is also in the heart of the Belgian and European capital that our Brussels Design September has been taking place for the past fifteen years, which this year will have as a transversal theme the role of design in the environmental and ecological field.

Therefore, the advantages of using vintage furniture will be highlighted, among many other exceptional courses.

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Vintage route, from 7 to 30 September 2021, Brussels capital.  

In collaboration with Design Addict for the last 5 years, Design September is providing additional exposure to the capital’s vintage stores by offering an urban vintage route through lovely vintage addresses!

This route will bring all vintage lovers to every corner of Brussels to discover fabulous locations specializing in 20th century design.




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