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Bauhaus in 10 iconic pieces

102 years ago the Bauhaus was created, today this 20th century current has not aged a bit, as evidenced by these pieces signed Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Marianne Brandt, Anni and Josef Albers or Wilhelm Wagenfeld.


Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer – Year of creation: 1925 – Editor : Knoll




The F51 armchair by Walter Gropius – Year of creation: 1920 – Editor: Tecta



Nesting tables by Josef Albers – Year of creation: 1926 – Editor: Vitra




Marianne Brandt’s teapot – Year of creation: 1924




The Cradle of Peter Keler – Year of creation: 1922 – Editor: Tecta





The WG25 lamp by Wilhelm Wagenfeld – Year of creation: 1924 – Editor: Technolumen




The Barcelona armchair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – Year of creation: 1929 – Publisher: Knoll



Carpets by Anni Albers – Year of creation: 1925 ( drawing of the motif) – Publisher: Christopher Farr



The Cesca chair by Marcel Breuer – Year of creation: 1928 – Editor: Knoll




The Kandem lamp by Marianne Brandt – Year of creation: 1928 – Editor: Kandem

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