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Todd Bracher guest of honour at imm cologne 2017

As guest of honour at imm cologne 2017, Todd Bracher, the New York-based product designer, will produce a distinctively spacious and architectural design for the design event “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage”. Under a floating roof will stand two interwoven, starkly different frames – one a large space surrounded by bookshelves as walls and a semi-transparent shell, … Continue reading “Todd Bracher guest of honour at imm cologne 2017”

Local River

Product’s details: – Date : 2008 – In collaboration with Anthony van den Bossche – Client : ARTISTS SPACE, New York – Curator : Alexandra Midal – Materials : glass blown & thermoformed, water pump, joints – Dimensions : Medium 73 x 45 x 91 cm Large 162 x 73 x 100 cm Work & … Continue reading “Local River”

Glimpse of Prague

We were in Prague for a few days on the occasion of the exhibition “Chimera” at the Meet Factory to which Patrick participates. Of course, we took advantage of this occasion to discover some aspects of vintage design offered by the Czech capital. If you have the chance to visit this beautiful city, we recommend a visit to … Continue reading “Glimpse of Prague”

TAO Rockview Tea House

TAO (Trace Architecture Office), one of the most active contemporary architectural firms in China, has built the Rockview Tea House.  Located in an abandoned quarry at Tashan Park, the natural landscape park in Weihai is open to the public for free.

MÁS concrete collection

David Galvañ and Manuel Bañó, designers and founders of LaSelva design studio have developed a concrete accessories collection for a Mexican company called Más.  Radial vase is divided in two materials, a heavy base in concrete and a light top in metal. The metal piece can be extracted from the concrete so the user can fill it up with water and then put it … Continue reading “MÁS concrete collection”

Lee West Objects

As you can imagine, here at Design Addict we receive daily a significant amount of emails announcing the release of new products. Most of them are boring. Fortunately, from time to time we have the opportunity to get excited. Today, with the new series of objects by Lee West. I admit I looked at my piggy bank with … Continue reading “Lee West Objects”

Søbel turns outdated radios into high-end connected furniture

Most vintage design lovers came across, one day or another, one of those nice audio furniture manufactured mostly in the 50s and 60s. It is very rare that they are still functional and, if it’s the case, the technical equipment and the sound quality no longer correspond to our current listening habits.But from now on Søbel, a new … Continue reading “Søbel turns outdated radios into high-end connected furniture”

Okapi rug by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Any excuse is good to create new carpet patterns. Why not take inspiration from the okapi? This is what Claesson Koivisto Rune  did for this new woven carpet in 100%  wool designed for Asplund.

Personalities: Mo Rachidi from Maroc Tribal

In our series “personalities”, we present various players of the design scene which you regularly see the name on Design Addict. Through some questions and answers, we try to discover more about who they are, their careers and their interests.Today, Mo Rachidi, owner of Maroc Tribal in London.     What brought you to vintage design?

Marc Venot Acrobat lamp

By combining an oblong LED light diffuser and a cone shaped base with the help of magnets, French designer Marc Venot has created for Normann Copenhagen this innovative lamp called « Acrobat » that can be placed in a large number of positions.This is what Marc Venot says about his design: ”An acrobat is someone … Continue reading “Marc Venot Acrobat lamp”

Benjamin Hubert/Layer Charge Trays

Benjamin Hubert of design agency Layer has created Charge Tray, a collection of ceramic trays with an integrated induction charging system for Italian ceramics brand Bitossi Ceramiche. Charge Tray minimises the visual impact of technology in the home and enables easy wireless charging of technology devices, including both mobile phones and tablets. The trays can also be used to display … Continue reading “Benjamin Hubert/Layer Charge Trays”

Antek wood lamp

Wood is not very often used in lighting design. Yet the heat of the material and the light it reflects are appreciated. Now that the choice of led bulbs with low heat emission is becoming broader, we should see this renewable material increasingly used in the field of lighting.

Highlight on our Partner Iconik Gallery

Housed in a mall surrounded of Art Galleries, Iconik Gallery offers vintage furniture from the last century.Favoring originality and quality, Laurent is searching for goods. With her acute sense of aesthetics, Magali photographs and showcases all of these findings. Their beautiful collection is visible on or on the website

Tentsile tree tents

Alex Shirley-Smith founded Tentsile on a simple idea – build a treehouse that is portable, eco-friendly, and that inspires your imagination.At six-year-old, he saw the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest on the BBC news. A few weeks later, his grandmother took him to see Return of the Jedi.The Ewok tree village on Endor planted an … Continue reading “Tentsile tree tents”

Zirconia Sharpener by Chengtao Yi and Bryan Wong

We appreciate it when designers seize a common object that’s already almost perfect to push to its limits.Chengtao Yi and Bryan Wong are New York-based industrial designers. One of their latest creations is a very simple pencil sharpener.