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Shadows and cold, the quiet joy of interiors in winter

Shadows and cold, the quiet joy of interiors in winter

The warm and luminous exterior invited us to enjoy it in summer. In winter, the exterior demands that we return the invitation and give it refuge inside. It seduces us with its shadows while insists with its cold.

The days get shorter, daylight gets lighter and darker, almost white and unconsciously, we cross the street in search of the caress of the sun’s rays, from which we protect ourselves in summer. The hypnotic shadows of the bare branches of the trees acquire more depth and vivacity with the wind and artificial light. It is about time to welcome home the winter with it’s cold and shadows!

Shelter your cold guest

Put shelter in your interior, same as you do with yourself when going outside. Adding layers to warm up is something we can also apply to spaces as we do with our outfit.
Start by heating the walls to reduce noise as well. Use natural and healthy materials for thicker draps and change a painting for a tapestry.
Continue with the floor by adding rugs 
even over other rugs or the carpet. Flagship room for a warm and very cocooning atmosphere.
Get inspired with the sumptuous textures exquisitely applied by the Referent interior designer Kelly Hoppen (@kellyhoppen).

©Kelly Hoppen (©

Choose rugs with the noblest materials, so as not to pollute the air inside. Vintage rugs are a perfect option, they were made to last with natural and healthy materials that are also easy to clean.

nordic winter vintage rugs interior

End up by throwing pillows and wool plaids in different colors and textures on the floor, sofas, chairs… If you wish, you can combine handcrafted and industrial materials and designs, but it is essential for your health that they are made from natural fibers. Remember always keeping the balance and the harmony of color, shape, texture and volumes, to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Sixties and modern classic winter interiors
© ©


The praise of shadows

The shadows that mask part of reality, that do not show but suggest, is an art that must be cultivated to become reality.
Because the shadow is beautiful, as Junichirõ Tanizaki defends in his essay “The Praise of the Shadow”, in which the careful study of space is still appreciated all over the world. Here are some excerpts from the work:

And so it has come to be that the beauty of a Japanese room depends on a variation of shadows, heavy shadows against light shadows—it has nothing else. (…) This is why we attach such importance to age and patina.’ 

‘Lacquerware decorated in gold is not something to be seen in a brilliant light, to be taken in at a single glance; it should be left in the dark, a part here and a part there picked up by a faint light.
Its florid patterns recede into the darkness, conjuring in their stead an inexpressible aura of depth and mystery, of overtones but partly suggested. The sheen of the lacquer, set out in the night, reflects the wavering candlelight, announcing the drafts that find their way from time to time into the quiet room, luring one into a state of reverie. If the lacquer is taken away, much of the spell disappears from the dream world built by that strange light of candle and lamp, that wavering light beating the pulse of the night. Indeed the thin, impalpable, faltering light, picked up as though little rivers were running through the room, collecting little pools here and there, lacquers a pattern on the surface of the night itself.’

interior light and shadows
© 2018 Frieda Dorresteijn


It is the medley of natural and electric light and multiple lamps that adds depth to the shadows:

The natural light of the fire with its smoke, even with the daylight, to warm up the atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to choose a beautiful candleholder or candlestick for an even more charming touch.

The electric light will work better if your lamps are warm-toned and you choose the right ones for the right places.

neon shadow lighting

Use mirrors not only to reflect all those glowing, flickering candles and warm-tones lamps, but to reflect the daylight.

candles shadow lighting

Enjoy your interior paradise 

Get your hobbies in order so that the winter ahead can be more of immense simple pleasure and comfort. Create special cornes as cozy and hygge as possible, to enjoy  your favorite hobbies. 

Be inspired by Japanese kotatsu for picnics at home. Order your favourite japanese food and play board games after lunch:

kotatsu warm up to enjoy winter interior
©Home Gods

Don’t forget go outside, to make the most of the sunlight, to get the vitamin D, so badly needed. There is no need to leave the joy of your warm and hygge winter interior if you take it outside, sheltering your cold terrace 😉

terrace winter cold deco sun
©Kelly Hoppen


Imagine looking forward to the cold and shadows of winter. Can you picture it? 

If so, then here is the right place to share how 😉


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