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Restoring FLOS Arco...

Restoring FLOS Arco damage  


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13/05/2022 6:58 pm  

I'm looking to restore a vintage FLOS Arco lamp.

The telescopic arm is covered in tiny specs and smudges (corrosion?). FLOS describes the material of the telescopic stem as "satin-finish stainless steel", but on other websites I read it's "aluminum treated with a stainless steel look finish".

Is restoration worth it, or would I risk ruining the lamp? What products would I need? And lastly, will these specs and smudges worsen over time if I should choose to do nothing?

Any advice you could give would be much appreciated.


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14/05/2022 9:25 pm  

I would not call this damage, it’s rather patina due to time. I would leave it as it is. If it really bothers you, buy a cream polish and rub it with a soft cloth. It will go away. Enjoy your lamp !

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15/05/2022 1:15 am  

Must agree with @andersen. Honest patina is a desirable feature to serious collectors and can't be faked (though some still try!). And, really, what's the point of owning something old if it has been made to appear as new? Give it a gentle cleaning, sell it to someone who wants a vintage edition, and buy a brand-spanking new one if you need perfection.

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19/08/2022 7:37 pm  

re: the title— Age is not the same as damage


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