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Moller rosewood cha...

Moller rosewood chairs, oil, stain, polythane?  


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04/02/2021 10:46 pm  

Hi All, 

I've got some old rosewood Moller chairs that I am restoring, there was an odd finish on them so I've totally stripped them and sanded them. They are buttery soft and in they're "bare" state right now. Now its to me to decide what I could put on them, however looking around the web I'm clueless. Could someone help me what to put on the chairs to protect and treat them? (its natural color is beautiful, so I don't need to give them another color them in any way) 

Would for example multiple layers of linseed be ok? Or would that dry-out way too quickly? What would also protect them a bit from daily use? 

Hope someone can help me! 

Thank in Advance, 


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05/02/2021 2:06 pm  

Any "Danish oil" finish will do. I like Watco because it's readily available here in the US and contains very small amounts of varnish resin and drying agent. Whichever product you choose, try to buy the freshest product in the smallest container you can find from large-volume retailers. A little goes a long way.

Be sure to follow directions on container (especially those pertaining to safe disposal) and try not to get it on woven or upholstered seats.

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07/08/2021 1:06 am  

Would 'danish oil' be enough to archive a finish like this? Or how would this be done? (sorry for the hijack)


Kyle Barrett
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14/08/2021 2:02 pm  

Unless you live in a constantly bright, evenly lit, white room and can turn the 'contrast' up in real life, you probably won't achieve a finish that looks like that.

However, you will be able to achieve a finish with oil that given the same perfect conditions could appear the same. Just don't expect even that sideboard or your chairs to look like that in situ.

Which is not to be rude about that company. They always do a fantastic job restoring their catalogue of mostly rosewood items, no over sanding or uneven sanding on UV damaged wood. 


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