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Looking for legs fo...

Looking for legs for my Lamino chair  


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28/04/2022 3:08 am  

Hello, I'm on the hunt for legs for my lamino chair which were crushed beyond repair in a horrible accident. I've looked online to see if anyone is selling a damaged or old chair for parts but can't seem to find any. Would anyone have any suggestions on where one might find replacement legs? Amy help is appreciated!


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06/05/2022 11:58 pm  

I’ve never seen wood so destroyed that it can’t be repaired. At worst, you might need to replace some portions of the wood to make it strong enough structurally. But you have an easy to reproduce template if that is needed. Show a pic of what was removed, I’ll bet it can be salvaged by someone who knows what they are doing.

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07/06/2022 11:17 pm  

Well gropius, problem is (but you might know this already) the lamino is made out of laminated wood. On vintage examples, the glue tends to lose it's strength and the layers pull away of each other. There is no solid wood to repare and it's hard to glue the laminations back together. 

I have a set of two which have some small gaps or releases within the laminations, and are awaiting some tactical restoration...

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