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Eames Aluminium Group EA101 base attachment/swivel  


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23/05/2022 2:41 pm  

Hi there


First post here! Bought this chair for £20 in rough shape, but after a clean it is looking well. 

The base is not attached and can't find assembly information anywhere - I don't know if what parts/fasteners I am missing. From what I can tell I think it's an EA101 (non swivel model) but could be missing the bearings that would make it swivel?

Also, would anyone know if this chair is Herman Miller or ICF made? It's real leather, no HM stamps, but had stickers that are gone now, but residue left over where they would have been. I believe that the ICF chairs had only stickers and no embossed logo, and HM for a period of time did the same.

Any info greatly appreciated!

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25/05/2022 5:09 pm  

@chazkid, Welcome to the Forum!

Your chair might be missing a "circlip" or "snap-ring"-style retaining ring which fits into a groove around the bottom of the seat post to prevent the base from coming loose. These are widely available in myriad sizes and styles and can be tricky to identify, measure and install without experience and/or specialized tools, but any competent automobile mechanic should be able to help if needed.

Scroll down the list to find reference illustrations of replacement parts for Eames Aluminum Group:

Good luck!

Edit: If above solution doesn't seem correct, post closeup photo of the bottom end of seat post removed from base. The fixed-base chairs may have different attachment than swivel models...

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25/05/2022 6:00 pm  

Hi tktoo2


Thanks for the reply! This is chazkid again - For some reason I was locked out of that account


I believe I am missing a bushing as well as there was only one in the stem - I think there should be a top and bottom one right? 


The one that is there is plastic measuring around 35mm outer diameter, and 26mm inner diameter - I don't know if that is the standard size for these bushings?


I am thinking about replacing them with bronze bushings however - as I see I can get them easy enough on ebay.


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