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Eames Group Chair - Refurbishing Manual Adjustment  


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02/05/2021 9:11 pm  

Hi All,

I just got a pair of Eames Group Chairs, both EA335. Was unable to figure out how to adjust using instructions but eventually disassembled and got it figured it out without damaging anything.

The head scratcher for me was that both chairs had their plastic pivot bushings frozen to the metal pivot post so wasn't clear how adjustment was supposed to operate.

I put instructions and photos onto a web page:

Eames Group Chair Repair (

Key insight for me was knowing that pivot sleeve was supposed to be able to glide freely, mine were stuck from some ancient chemical that had dried into a crispy laquor. I was able to free the bushing using oil and gently torque from a strap wrench.

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04/05/2021 4:01 am  

@eirc, Extra points for that first photo. Like a fun house mirror image. Hilarious!


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