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DUX dining set valu...

DUX dining set value?  


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05/03/2023 3:03 am  

Hello, I bought this DUX dining set a while back at a steal! I unfortunately need to downsize so Im trying to get a good idea of what I should ask for as far as price goes, as you can see from the pictures the cane webbing on the chair backs need replaced and all the chairs and table base needs stripped and refinished as it is pretty rough. Thank you!


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06/03/2023 7:41 am  

@becconner91 Unfortunately this isn’t the place to ask for valuation. We don’t discuss value here for many reasons. One of them is that the value of a piece only depends on how much one or two people are willing to pay for it, and that’s subjective. So maybe try and look for auctioned pieces like yours, there you may get an idea. Don’t take prices at 1st dibs as a guide line. They are way too high.

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