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Curious about history of Eames sidechair moulds - good sources, book or online?  


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03/10/2021 4:48 pm  

Well I got hooked on Eames chairs, they are cute and stylish at the same time, and I'd like to nerd out a little on their history and minor variations in shape. There seems to be far more data and photos available on the armchairs, after all they are the 'main dish' - and the sidechairs are somewhat neglected in the documentation I've read - even though it seems there might be more interesting stuff to document there, such as the licensing by Vitra (given that I live in Europe this is of particular interest to me).

Any recommendations for a book (or possible an online compilation, but I feel like I'd found it if it existed) with photos and info? Thanks a lot!

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03/10/2021 7:04 pm  

There is plenty of books about Vitra, and I am not sure what this post is about

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03/10/2021 8:58 pm  

don't think you need to buy any book, just dig for information on the internet, there is plenty of articles about this.

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04/10/2021 4:13 pm  

The Collection of the Eames Office as well as estates of prominent designers such as Alexander Girard, Anton Lorenz, George Nelson and others are maintained in the archive of the Vitra Design Museum. The holdings also include company publications, brochures, posters, patent documents and drawings.
If you have questions regarding the archive, please contact



If you need any help, please contact us at –


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