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Luxo Lamps Historic...

Luxo Lamps Historical Information  


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30/07/2022 8:51 pm  

Hi All, 

I'm hoping to find some resources that will give a deeper dive into the history of Luxo Lamps.  There doesn't appear to be much more than a brief Wikipedia page, and some promotional flyers from Luxo A/S. that I've seen so far.  

I'd love to find a catalog showing the variety of lamp styles, release dates, colors, etc.  

I'm also wondering if the serial numbers on the lamps are useful for identifying production dates and locations. 

I'm hugely fond of the lamps (I've got 3 vintage models, and 2 newer production) and would love to learn more.  Any information is super helpful!

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05/08/2022 9:05 pm  

Luxo in my house


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06/08/2022 1:10 pm  

@lucifersum-2. As you say very little out there especially catalogues or other print material. The following is just some resources I have found.

I checked out Mats Linder's postings about Luxo and Jac Jacobsen; not much there apart from some basic info but he mentions that GLAMOX bought Luxo in 2009 along with production rights for their lamps. You could contact them and see if they have any archive material.

I contacted Mats and he replied that he would be putting together a small Luxo post in the near future. ( I have no idea what info it will contain) When he does I will post the link here.

Basically the model 1001 was the original and was followed by the L-1 and it's numerous variations. Production was licenced in many countries;

There is also a Norwegian facebook page dedicated to lamps( just type luxo into the search function .Lots of images there of various Luxo models. Posting link of one thread with some good info/ discussion that you might find useful.

A link to the digital museum, Norway. Not much history but some print material of the 1001 and also the company that manufactured parts for the lamps.

Finally 2 images; one which shows some of the colors available , no date. The 2nd shows the shade shapes with a dateline.


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22/12/2022 8:08 pm  

Good for ambience, and reading 


and also look what a little greenery does to the space

anybody got more lamp porn?


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22/12/2022 9:25 pm  

@objectworship Nice.

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28/12/2022 5:16 pm  
Posted by: objectworship

anybody got more lamp porn?

If yours is the Playboy centerspread glamour lamp-porn shot, here's the basement lighting darkweb bondage lamp-porn shot. Only one lamp base among them, some Luxo, some made in US, some with clamp mounts. Without having the bases, seemed not really worth sorting out. Any ideas on how to find suitable bases for some of these?




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