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Curtis Jere' Any collectors? Early pieces  


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26/08/2022 4:26 pm  

I have located 3 early Curtis Jere pieces and may have an opportunity to purchase them.  I'm not sure what the value on these would be in today's market.  They are early examples.  1961, 1966, and 1967.   Any additional info on these would be greatly appreciated.  I can provide better photos of anything.....with the 2 meg size limit, I had to do a collage.

                   Thanks in advance!




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30/08/2022 1:37 am  

We don't discuss monetary values here, but what fun we had in the old days!

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31/08/2022 9:05 am  

@tktoo2 Thank you for digging up this wonderful thread! I’ve never heard about C. Jere but really appreciate how members used to contribute to the forum back then. What a great read. 

"People buy a chair, and they don't really care who designed it." (Arne Jacobsen)

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31/08/2022 2:43 pm  

@herringbone, Different time, different world. It's a shame that photos posted on the old threads weren't archived though many are still valuable resources. This one I remember every time I see a "C. Jere" piece for sale somewhere with a ridiculous price attached. Almost positive I've seen contemporary fakes, too, though it can be hard to tell for sure. What is for sure is that people seem to love them for some reason. Nostalgia for a simpler time perhaps.


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