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‘Crescent Lovseat’

PAD PARIS (5-8 April) Galerie BSLThe ‘Crescent Loveseat’ is a contemporary reinterpretation of several major classics from the 50’s.The comfortable crescent shaped design offers soft, pure yet flexible lines enhanced by the contrast of fabrics.The back that resembles a cape envelops the loveseat enhancing its cozy aspect and completing the attire.The small size of this welcoming sofa fits any room and interior.This is the latest addition to Charles Kalpakian’s exclusive designs for Galerie BSL.  CRESCENT LOVESEATLOVESEAT – SMALL SOFAFABRIC UPHOLSTERY, STAINLESS STEEL WITH BRASS FINISHH 32.75 X L 60.75 X W 29 INCHESSIGNED PIECESCharles Kalpakian was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1982.He lives and works in France.After a ten year collaboration with prestigious design agencies including Ora Ito’s and Christophe Pillet’s, in 2011 he became a freelance designer, with clients such as Bespoke Edition, Habitat, Nemo, La Chance, Collection Particulière, Christophe Delcourt, Haymann Editions.Charles Kalpakian’s design has three roots: France, Lebanon, and the Street Art culture.These influences take shape through the reinterpretation of motifs from the decorative arts, filtered by a resolute urban and contemporary culture.The stroke is always clean, even if the gesture resembles calligraphy in space.Picture © Vincent Thibert

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