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Dancing Stones

The work ‘Dancing Stones’ from Gerard Kuijpers is the result of extensive purification. The steel and stone reach their ultimate essences. The steel being as strong as never before; the stone radiates its heaviness. This piece of art shows how the stone, even in complete rest, never loses the potential of movement. ‘Dancing Stones’ consists of a stone block of Belgium black marble (Noir de Mazy) finely balanced on a steel point, providing frictionless movement that can be induced by the touch of a finger or a gentle breeze. For the realisation of this concept, Gerard Kuijpers chooses stones according to their massive dynamics. Placing the rock over a vertical iron pin provides unobstructed ability of movement. The lifting force of the artwork is emphasized by the use of a circular base plate, since this form ensures that there is a complete freedom for the direction of movement of the balancing stone. ‘Dancing Stones’ adds to the hardness of the boulder the softness of the human touch. In the physical interaction between the viewer and the stone, it is the viewer that impregnates the stone with liveliness, and in turn receives a sense of calm and rest. The experience of this contact moves your inner self. When rain or wind touch the dancing stone, a timeless dialogue arises between the elements.For thirty years Gerard Kuijpers, autodidact, has been researching the essential qualities of steel, stone glass and wood. In this way he meets the core of his materials, whereafter he uses the power of their interaction. Glass becomes even more transparent, steel even stronger; while wood obtains more warmth, stone becomes eternal. Moreover, even more fundamental opposites arise: resistance versus movement, severity versus organic, and usability versus poetry, which then merge into the magical harmony of the present. In all their simplicity the works are timeless.Searching the boundaries of the materials, Gerard Kuijpers creates objects that radiate simplicity and honesty. In each object he makes, he achieves both cohesion and consistency. By his creative explosiveness, breathtaking pieces of art come to life. When it comes to technique, he turns out to be an ‘out of the box’ thinker.Kuijpers’ most recent work, ‘Dancing Stones’, leans on previous monumental work. Though, in this work he moves towards an explicit interaction between viewer and artwork, honoring the sense of touch.

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