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Please HELP with Danish vintage ROSEWOOD veneer table refinishing (rosewood is very dark)  


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26/07/2019 3:54 am  

Hello, we are in a process refinishing a rosewood table. We have done a few before along with the teak ones, and all went well, but not this one.

First, it is very dark, almost black. As I understand it means that the table was not exposed to the sun at all? It looked not very nice before we stripped the finish and sanded, but after that, it does not look like it should look either. We usually use mineral oil and teak or Danish oil after sanding, but this one does not accept these products - it looks like the table is in the uneven drying process (black patches are dry and flat dead). It is not sticky but does not look dry either. 

Does that mean that perhaps this rosewood is very oily (more oily than usual)? After striping and mineral oil (without teak oil), the table looks like a dusty blackboard and does not accept oils as it should.

What should we do? We are in Canada, so will not have some products that are available elsewhere.

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26/09/2019 7:15 pm  


Could you provide a photo of the table? This will better help us understand what you’re working with. My initial thought is uneven sanding with the blotchiness but wouldn’t be able to tell without photos.


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