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Hvidt Mølgaard 350 chairs  


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22/03/2021 1:06 am  

I have a set of Hvidt Mølgaard 350 chairs in teak and leather which unfortunately need all the joints re-gluing and timber refinishing. The leather is actually still in very good condition which id like to retain if at all possible. Problem is the upholstery has to completely removed to get at the joints in the timber.

Most of the examples I can find of these chairs are finished in strip cane which Ive redone a number of chairs in but this particular set is in black aniline leather.

Has anyone restored any of this design and therefor have any tricks/tips for me going forward.

Many thanks Dave.

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02/04/2021 1:47 pm  

Just a tip, there are some adhesives (skin and bone hyde glue) that allow the glue to flow into the joints without having to disassemble the chair. It's not the same result, of course, as taken apart and then glued back together, but maybe that will help in your case. I had gotten good results with this technique.


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