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Is my Hermann Mille...

Is my Hermann Miller EA117 authentic?  


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17/10/2021 4:54 pm  

Hello everybody, 

this is my first post on this Forum after I tried to find a good guide to differentiate Fake Hermann-Miller / Vitra Alu-Chairs from authentic ones. I didn't really succeed in finding a good source, so I decided to ask public on this forum. 

I recently picked up a beaten up blue hopsack Chair in very poor condition. I cleaned the chair as best as I could.

The Chair has some sings on it, that might be indicators that this chair is actually authentic, but it has other features that make me scratch my head. I will attach some Photos to this post. 

On the handle to tighten the back, one can see a Hermann-Miller sign. The Structure under the seat-area I can the a "MADE IN NORWAY" imprint. I read somewhere else, that a company in Norway once manufactured those Steelstructures. The Pneumatic-Mechanism is bei Stabilus. Under the Seating Area one can still see the remains of the glue of a Sticker, that is missing. 

The general Manufacturing is good, but not perfect. There are some gaps where the Armrests connect to the Chair itself. The Chrome is beaten up, but I am not sure about the quality of the chrome-plating in less beaten-up areas, it seems a bit "wavy" to me, like the undersurface wasn't prepared super smooth before the chrome-plating. 

What makes me wonder as well are the additional wholes under the Chair. What are they for? Is the Seat-Are supposed to get translocated for different seating positions?

I hope you can help me here!

Beste Regards, 


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