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how to sell moller ...

how to sell moller 64 and 79 teak natural woven chairs  


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14/10/2021 1:12 am  

In around 1979 I orginally purchased 2 model 64 and 4 model 79 that still have the original woven seats.  They are in very good condition with no stains, not being used in over 12 years.  They do not have a stamp or other markings that I can find.  I live in the Denver Colorado metro area and don't know the best way to sell these.  Thank you in advance for your help.


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14/10/2021 7:32 am  

Nice set. You can sell them online. I think in US it might be Rubylane or Etsy. 

There you can also compare the prices people sell similar items. That there is no 

stamp is not too tragic. Moller used partly paper stickers which could easily fall off over time. 

If you want, you can write to Moller directly and ask if they can confirm that the chairs are from them: J.L. Møller A/S, arkitekttegnede møbler (

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14/10/2021 7:48 am  

Unless you want to do shipping I would suggest using craigslist or facebook marketplace in the US for local people. Using Etsy or Rubylane or Chairish or for that matter even Ebay is more complicated to set up and complete a transaction.

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03/11/2021 8:49 am  

I would try to sell it on Ebay. Have you tried it?

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03/11/2021 4:23 pm  

Thanks for the Ebay suggestion.  On all the options that required shipping, I couldn't get comfortable with how to ship the chairs at a reasonable price.  So I listed it locally on craigslist, FB marketplace and NextDoor for a couple of weeks and then just consigned them to a Danish Furniture specialty furniture store on Monday.


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