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Special version Sab...

Special version Sabrina Dining Chair Gastone Rinaldi for Rima, 1970s ??  


Willem Douven
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21/02/2023 2:54 pm  

Hi, I bought 4 chairs and don't know what chairs they are.

The look like Sabrina Dining Chair Gastone Rinaldi for Rima but they are different. I found one on internet (it is said his brother Giorgio made them)  that looks alike but they are gold and the chairs I bought are chrome silver? Can anyone tell me what chair mine is? Thank you!

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23/02/2023 4:47 pm  

This pair with arms was sold by an Italian auction house in 2018 and listed as "Sabrina" model from 1970s by Giorgio Rinaldi.   Another set of the more common style Sabrina chairs is also credited by them to Giorgio and they cite, as reference,  the 320-page biography of Gastone Rinaldi by J. and G. Drago.  Rima, by the way, was founded by their father Mario in Padua in 1916.  Gastone and Giorgio took over the business in 1948.  Do your chairs have the Rima mark like these?  





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