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The incredible car collection of Roger Baillon

It’s a breathtaking discovery that experts from Artcurial auction house did when they were asked to appraise a car lot rotting for decades in a farmhouse in the French countryside. This incredible treasure would have a value of more than € 20 million.The cars were collected from the 50s to the 70s by Roger Baillon who was dreaming of restoring them for display in a museum. However, his plans fell through when his company faced financial problems. Since then, this treasure was sleeping in precarious shelters and barns with corrugated iron roofs. Mr Baillon died about 10 years ago and his son, Jacques, who inherited the collection, died last year. The grandchildren of Mr. Baillon had no idea of the magnitude of the collection when they called the experts of Artcurial to estimate its value.

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