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The home gallery : a new concept is born

More and more dealers are shifting from traditional shops to more personal spaces where they can work, live and share their passion for art and design. Through their online gallery, they can reach out to new clients, and then offer to welcome them in a privileged setting.Atena Design has adopted this new model
“Live in Art!” For Frédéric Sioufi, the founder of Atena Design, art plays a truly stimulating role when it becomes part our daily life. He renovated his home with this concept in mind, seeking to preserve its primary function as a fun place for his family life, and avoid turning it into a museum. Built in 1969, just outside of Paris, the entire house is open, upon request, to the guests who wish to see a particular piece “live” in the home gallery or view the entire collection, be inspired by the décor and meet Frédéric.

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