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Oneshot Chair

Product’s details:
– Materials: Polyamide (nylon), powder sintering, rapid prototyping
– Dimensions: 65 x 11cm (folded) and 40.5 x 32xm (unfolded), 2.1kg

Work & Style:
His style’s often described as discrete and stripped. It nevertheless remains elegant, poetic and combines tradition and modernity.
Patrick Jouin manages to modernize his spaces while preserving their identity. Jouin attaches particular importance to the light which he considers essential and which he uses to magnify spaces. His taste for light is also expressed in his creations: ether (Murano Due) and night light (Zyken).
As an object designer, Patrick Jouin does not disdain the use of sophisticated technology to create new forms (Solid chairs and stool, OneShot stool): “Technology makes it possible to manufacture what seemed impossible. This changes a lot of things for designers.

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