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Le bureau de Paolo

Product’s details:
– edition: 8 + 2 p.a.
– dimensions: 175x80x75cm

This desk is made of a wide variety of boxes and drawers.
These boxes have a structural function: they compose the feet of the desk to which is added a functional destination: each has dimensions corresponding to its function. It
adds a surprising aspect in the way where you have to discover by yourself which side the box opens. Desk with secrets and discoveries, hand made.

Worsk & Style:
5.5 Designers reconsider the concept of eco-design.
The designers’ philosophy is to ‘Save furniture’: a mission they literary accomplish with humour.
They heel old objects and furniture with chair prostheses or crutches while educating the public against industrial waist with a tableware project saved from destruction. They seem to have perfectly assimilated the 18the Century chemist, Lavoisier’s wise words: ‘nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.’
After all the experiences they have been through, they came to the following conclusion: Too often, designers only have selling in mind, in the hopes of creating a best seller with a renowned retailer. Too often, designers retire into galleries in order to create objects that will gather dust in trunks before they appreciate. Too often, designers cannot accept to confront the industrial constraints that could challenge their creations. Too often, designers cannot understand that the quality of their products must go beyond stylishly executed creations, limiting themselves to artists who are unable to meet the actual needs of users.

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