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A collection of vases and containers that play with scales and invite you to jump into the water.A glass pool ladder poetically dialogues with an uncluttered clear shape.Developed while in residency at Fabrica Design Studio and sold exclusively at Please Do Not Enter, in Los Angeles.-Clear borosilicate glass blown by Massimo Lunardon in Italy.-limited edition of 30 signed pieces

After first graduating in Space Design in ENSA of Dijon, Ferréol Babin moved to Japan, to the Nagoya University of Art & Design. By this time, he realised that architecture and space were not the right scale for him to fully express himself, and decided to focus on objects. He then worked as an intern at Studio Robert Stadler in Paris. In 2012 he graduated from ESAD of Reims, in Object Design. Soon, light appeared to be his favourite material to work with, thanks to its ability to be linked to both an object and the space surrounding it.
In 2014 he has been selected for a one-year residency to work at Fabrica, the Benetton’s communications research centre, based in Treviso, Italy. Under the direction of Sam Baron, his projects included industrial design, scenography or conceptual installations.

Ferréol Babin dedicates half of his time collaborating with various furniture and lighting editors where he can incorporate his singular vision and approach of design. The other half is spent on making unique pieces, with an obvious brutalist yet delicate approach.
Dirty-hands, mix of mediums such as painting, sculpture, design and handcraft play their role in each of his creation.
His projects are always based on an awareness of function and rationality, combined with a poetic and emotional dimension.

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