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118 Chair by Sebastian Herkner for Thonet

The new 118 Chair by rising star Sebastian Herkner for Thonet continues a great tradition for this famous brand, beautiful and original bentwood furniture that is ideal for making the right impression in hospitality environments. Following in the ubiquitous footsteps of the iconic No.14 or ‘Vienna’* this new design references all the quality, comfort and style of the Thonet chair that transformed the furniture industry, while bringing its own distinctive contemporary identity.

Minimalistic and honest while at the same time graceful and sophisticated: the 118 is a classic wooden chair which ensures subtle elegance at any dining table or in any restaurant. With his new chair design for Thonet, Sebastian Herkner pays homage to the diversified heritage of the company. Based on the principle of reducing a chair to the fewest elements possible, which Michael Thonet developed in the mid-19th century, Herkner takes this ethos one step further with the 118: the sought-after designer adds refined details to the simplicity prevalent in current chair design, making his design less stark and more polished.

The new 118 chair nods toward the renowned features of the 214, the archetype of a Thonet chair, by virtue of a seat frame shaped from a single piece of wood and with its comfortable wicker caned seat. (Optionally, the 118 is also offered with a moulded seat.) The shape of the legs also distinguishes the design: rounded at the back and characterised by subtle edges at the front, they reference the horseshoe shape of the seat. The incline of the back panel is perfectly coordinated with the seat and ensures optimum seating comfort. The chair 118 is available in natural beech and in lacquered or stained versions in variety of attractive colours

The unique success story of Thonet began with the work of master joiner Michael Thonet in 1819 in Boppard/Rhine, and the brand has become synonymous with high-quality, innovative and elegant furniture. Michael Thonet’s direct descendants remain involved in the company, based in Frankenburg, Germany. The collection comprises famous bentwood furniture, pioneering tubular steel classics from the Bauhaus era, and contemporary additions to the portfolio by renowned architects and designers and the Thonet in-house design team.

*Learn more about No.14 on the Facebook article here

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