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Pirelli Straps vs Elastic Webbing?  


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14/03/2021 7:33 pm  

A few years back I purchased elastic webbing (black with red stripes in the middle), of a type I thought was considered good, to replace webbing on a Reenskaug rocker and another teak rocker. However, several years later with only two people sitting on the chairs, both of us under 165 pounds, this elastic is completely shot. I want to replace it with something that will last, if possible. We used a pneumatic stapler and a webbing stretcher to pull the elastic tight. At the same time I also have a Dux chair with what I think is Pirelli webbing, which is holding up fine. That chair has slots for the webbing, whereas the other two that need new webbing it must be stapled to the frame. I would be appreciative of any advice as to the best material and method to use. Thanks very much.

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22/03/2021 12:52 am  

If you can get it Pirelli it's always better and outlasts the modern elastic type. Pirelli only needs a small amount of tension for it to be supportive compared to elastic, meaning you have to pull it less when fitting it which is less stress on you, the timber joints and the staples ect. your Reenskaug chair is a lovely thing which deserves ordering new Pirelli.

Cheers Dave

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22/04/2021 9:14 am  

Secure one finish of the flexible webbing over first, as webbing has a tendancy to shred. Secure this on one side of your casing with staples, put on a corner to corner to give the most grounded hold. 2. Clutch the casing with your prevailing hand, and pull the flexible webbing tight with your other one.


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