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What's your Mahogany Association Number?  

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17/04/2021 8:46 pm  
Posted by: Brent

If you have a piece of mahogany furniture made prior to 1969, it probably has a Mahogany Association sticker on it certifying that it's genuine mahogany and not a lesser wood dyed to resemble mahogany. These stickers also bore a number that was meant to be used exclusively by that manufacturer.

As far as I know, that list of numbers and corresponding manufacturers has been lost. If you have one of these stickers, please post your number and the manufacturer of your piece--or, if you don't know the manufacturer, just post the number on your Mahogany Association sticker and any information (pics would be helpful) you have about the piece.

The goal is to reassemble that list so that anyone with a Mahogany Association sticker will be able to identify its manufacturer.

Sound fun? I'll go first.


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