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Tray Table by Jason...

Tray Table by Jason Møbler  


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27/11/2014 7:14 am  

I recently got this small tray table that has a "Jason Danmark" branded stamp.  Jason made small tables and nesting tables by a number of designers, including Kurt Ostervig, Knud Joos, and Jarl Heger.  However, I have not been able to find another example of this table, or even a tray like it made by Jason Møbler.The iron legs have been painted very recently, making them look brand new.  The feet appear to be machined metal, since they do not seem to be plastic.  A modification has been done to the tray to make it fit more securely on the legs - little blocks of teak have been glued in to help keep the tray from slipping off the legs (supplementing a wood strip that appears to be original).I have no idea if this was originally part of a nesting set or not.  Interested if anyone else has seen one before.


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