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Skovby / Anderstrup

Skovby / Anderstrup  


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18/03/2014 6:17 pm  

Can anyone enlighten me as to the relationship between Skovby Mobelfabrik and Anderstrup Mobelfabrik? I see these two names together every now and then in chair listings (for the same chair design), but have never seen a tag, stamp or ad that has these two names together.

Skovby is still in business. Is this a situation, like France Daverkosen / France and Son / Cado, where Anderstrup was bought by Skovby and the latter started producing the former's designs?


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22/12/2022 6:39 pm  

@cdsilva Eight years later and you probably don't even remember having asked this question. 😀  But I just stubmled upon it, had a couple of minutes and looked into this. Conclusion: I'm pretty sure Skovby and Anderstrup had nothing to do with each other. Both were located in completely different corners of Denmark. Anderstrup - existing well into the 2000s - was located in Maribo (Falster) and owned by the Larsen family from the 40s or 50s on. Skovby - located in central Jutland - has always been owned by the Rasmussen family and is still in business. I also don't see any evidence that Skovby bought Anderstrup after 2000 but I guess the listings you referred to show much older designs. Just some internet mix up, I assume.  

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