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Saarinen dining tab...

Saarinen dining table question.  


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23/01/2006 4:05 am  

I'm thinking about buying a marble top oval shaped Saarinen table from someone. I have no doubt it's a real Knoll item from looking at other items this guy has in his house. but it doesn't have any lables on it. Today I went to Design Within Reach and looked at the Saarinen coffie table. It didn't have any lable on it either. Is this normal for these tables? Does anyone have a Saarinen table that has a Knoll lable?

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23/01/2006 8:50 pm  

I have the small end table,...
I have the small end table, vintage, and it has a Knoll label.
I found another 36" (I think) white melamine topped tulip dining table at auction with two tulip chairs. The chairs had labels but the table did not. I assume it is Knoll but I've seen many pedestals at auctions with the same profile and dimensions but with non-Saarinen tops on them. I don't know if these are Saarinen bases with replaced tops or if the base was just widely copied. I think probably the latter.
I own four bases now, two that had throwaway tops and two with tops that look authentic. I spent a lot of time comparing them to photos of authentic Saarinen bases and I finally gave up and decided it didn't matter. It helps that I got them all very very cheap, though.

James Collins
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23/01/2006 10:08 pm  

Knoll Saarinen Tulip
The true Saarinen design for the tulip table has a distinct if subtle profile. The knock-offs vary their profile enough to steer clear of copyright infingement. knock-offs can most easily be spotted from underneath where the base attaches to the top.

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10/05/2021 7:35 pm  

Anyone know if this a early model of Saarinen? See stamp on base-- thx


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04/06/2021 12:31 pm  

The highest point of certified Saarinen table screws down onto a solitary strung bar on the highest point of the base. At the point when the tabletop is set up, you ought not to perceive any noticeable screws between the top and the base." Be certain to quantify the table. Both round and oval variants ought to be 28 1/4 inches tall.

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21/06/2021 11:09 pm  

Hi I have seen a variety of markings in the last years. Very old tables had a Knoll paper label under the plate which might disappear through the years. Most bases have a knoll signature pressed in the metal under the base. As well I have seen a danish licensed 70s Base which was only labeled by sticker. All newer tables have a signature plate under the plate and the base.

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30/12/2021 2:04 am  
Posted by: owenschristy

Anyone know if this a early model of Saarinen? See stamp on base-- thx


Yes, it's an early model. The base is most probably cast iron instead of aluminium.

A wooden plate is screwed (from above) to that base. The marble top is simply laying on top of that wooden plate.

The code is 1087S-37-A

I have a base with that code but it has an Arabescato marble top.

I haven't found any Knoll label on the table.

It came with 8 tulip chairs (in the same beige color as the table's base), they were all marked "Knoll International" in their aluminium base. 

I think the set is from the early '60's.

There are lot's of these early Knoll 'product codes':

1087S-30-A, 1087S-32-A, 1087S-34-A, 1087S-35-A, 1087S-35-B, 1087S-36-B for example.



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