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"Real" or "Fake"? Need help authenticating my Saarinen Knoll Tulip Table, please!  


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27/06/2016 2:04 am  

Hi All!
This is a reoccurring topic, certainly. But I can't seem to fine anything online regarding a specific marking under my marble for my (supposedly) Saarinen Knoll Studio 1956 Table. I’ve attached pictures, but please let me know if there is any other pictures that would help or info needed.
The base seems to be authentic — has the silver KnollStudio 1957 seal of approval. But I’m not sure about the marble. It’s (supposed to be) the discontinued “extra white” marble that Knoll used to sell before the landslide in the quarry happened.
But it has a blue stamp on the bottom of the marble that I can’t find any info online about: MGG Gen. 2008, with a sticker tag saying: MB 540.
Is there any chance anyone knows about this? Also - I think it has a Satin finish (or maybe no finish at all)? Worried about stains and wondering if I should get it treated at all. The stone looks beautiful, but I'm fearful of red wine!
Thank you thank you!
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27/06/2016 6:57 pm  

It's authentic, recent production.


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