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Identifying a true Guzzini  


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11/02/2013 6:46 pm  

Hello, I have a question? I work in a claims department at a moving company and we damaged a customers floor lamp. The customer claims it is a Guzzini Floor Lamp, however their are no identifying markings on this lamp to back up their claim. Can anyone please tell me if there is any type on emblem placed of Guzzini Lamps or if there is a way to tell if a lamp is a true Guzzini?

Buck Rogers
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11/02/2013 8:01 pm  

Guzzini Lamps
I think you will find that it depends on the model type.
There are many Guzzini lamps that have never been reproduced and the fakes would be too costly to make.
If you want to get better advice on here, then post a photo as the reality is that most lamps have poor labels that are easily removed - and if he had a fake then one would expect a fake label also. Some are hard labeled, but most are not.
A picture says a thousand words, and I am sure the customer has provided to you a picture of what it looked like before it was damaged/destroyed.


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