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Heywood Wakefield?

Heywood Wakefield?  


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18/09/2016 9:50 am  

I picked these up from an estate sale a week ago and I still can't find any info on them. Someone told me they look like Heywood Wakefield pieces. There's no maker's mark though. Just the stamp on the back. I hope somebody can shed some light on this for me.
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18/09/2016 5:29 pm  

It doesn't look like Heywood-Wakefield to me but their website has a handy form form you can fill out to get information about vintage H-W items.
I would guess it's by a small American company, with no particular designer's name attached, more likely a design committee. Just guessing, though. The writing on the back refers to the finish, I think---though "oak" is odd because there's nothing about it that is related to oak, not the grain of the wood or the color of it.

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18/09/2016 7:34 pm  

Reminds of pieces by American of Martinsville, but they generally stamped their pieces with a burn mark on a drawer interior.


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