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19/04/2021 9:10 am  

Hello all, I'm new here and looking for some help ID'ing some chairs I just picked up. I'm pretty new to vintage furniture - I have some cool 70s ScanDesign chairs and recently bought a round Canadian teak table to go with them. These chairs came with the table and I don't plan to keep them so looking for any information you can provide to help with a sale. 

The label on the bottom of the seat says:


Farstrup Savvaerk & Stolefabrik A/SFarstrup,

DK-5471 Sonderso

The label has french on it, so I'm assuming these were imported into Canada at some point, but Google hasn't provided much information for me so far. Any information you can provide would be super helpful 🙂

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19/04/2021 11:11 am  

@twicemyage. If you post a pic of the actual chair  , that would help. Thanks.


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