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The Chair

Alvarez takes pieces of material — wood, steel or plastic — and coats them in glue, then spins them in thousands of meters of thread. He’s the inventor of the “thread wrapping machine”, which mechanism joins different types of material with glue-coated thread, binding the objects together without any nails or screws. As alvarez controls the mechanism by a foot pedal, the sticky parts are passed through the wrapping machine as it cycles around. While this process is taking place, additional components are added to create the legs of a chair or seat backs. Anton AlvarezCurrently Stockholm based Swedish-Chilean Anton Alvarez is a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art. Alvarez originally studied cabinetmaking before completing an Interior Architecture and Furniture Design course at Konstfack. Alvarez’s work focuses on the design of systems and the creation of tools and processes for producing products, objects and architecture. Alvarez work has been exhibited internationally including solo shows at Salon94 in New York, Xue Xue institute in Taipei and Gallery Libby Sellers in London.

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