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Textile Sketch – High Table

Product’s details:
– Made of: Metal
– Size: 45 x 45 x 110 cm

Work & Style:
Part of a furniture collection that brings flat and mobile textile shapes to life in solid heavy metal; the different techniques Kiki discovered in a metalworkshop inspired her “to capture the delicate nature of fabrics: laser-cutting lace, 3D laser-cutting piping, welding and blow-torching fringe, coating gold and nickel thread, and even attempting to fluff-up a metal pillow!” A first sketch of cut and folded textile pieces results in a table with a flat and textile feeling

Work & Style:
By designing with a strong personal touch and idea, Kiki van Eijk strongly represents the new generation of Dutch designers. Kiki’s work is easily recognisable by her mild and playful designs. But don’t be mistaken by the first look of her work. Where it might look very soft and playful, it can be really hard and serious. Kiki puts multiple layers in her designs.

Kiki loves stories. Her early sketches could easily have served to illustrate the imaginative stories of Mary Poppins or Alice in Wonderland. She finds her inspiration in everyday beautiful objects and details, and becomes a collector of them, mainly in her head.

Concept, material, structure and technique must all be in balance to create a surprising and new design. She finds a great joy, love and importance in ‘making things’ by hand. This attitude also influences her more industrial projects.

Her nostalgic approach combined with her poetic and personal style comes to life in a wide range of work like carpets, lighting, furniture, ceramics, glassware and luxurious textiles. By using old and new techniques, applied on an unexpected object Kiki not only surprises the viewers of her work, but also manufacturers and craftsman that make her designs.

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