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Talma Chair

Talma Chair

Product’s description :
– composed of a softly padded textile folded around a lightweight CNC-shaped steel frame with integrated support straps
– The stretchy fabric is custom made by Innofa and is secured in place with a series of zips and two fastenings at the front.
– year: 2013
– chair made from a single loop of material.
– weighs just three kilograms

Style & Work:
A collaboration between Benjamin Hubert and Moroso about a compact lounge chair called Talma. Appropriately named Talma, the chair looks as if it has been wrapped in a padded textile, similar to how a cloak would wrap a body.

Hidden under the wrap is a lightweight metal frame that follows the studio’s MO which was to reduce material, weight, and cost during the traditional construction of upholstered chairs. Using a CNC-shaped steel framework, upholstery straps are then integrated for support. By using this type of frame covered with the padded cover, they were able to use minimal polyurethane foam, therefore reducing the chair’s carbon footprint.

The custom-made textile was made in collaboration with Innofa and incorporates padding. The cover is then secured with strategically place zips and two fastenings at the front.

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