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Perishable vase  by Marcin RUSAK

Floral and resin vase This cylindrical vessel, reminiscent of a krater vase, is a spectacular marriage of ancient motif and use of contemporary material. With a strong form, the vase is constructed of molded and cast resin encasing dried floral remnants. Creating a stark pattern on the surface of the vessel, the floral elements seem to freeze and float within the structural material.

EXIBITIONVictor Horta Museum (Rue Américaine 27, 1050 Bruxelles) 6 September – 7 October 201814h00 > 17h30 (Tu > Sun)

Marcin Rusak (born in 1987, Warsaw, Poland) is an artist and multidisciplinary designer interested in ideas of value, ephemerality and aesthetics. Specializing in storytelling, process and material investigation his work often incorporates research, object and installation as well as visual creations to explore overlooked details of our lives which recreated and reimagined are shown again in a different light.

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