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On Seeing Design as Redesign

An Exploration of a Neglected Problem in Design Education By Jan MICHLDepartment of Industrial Design, OSLO SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, NorwayJan Michl’s website | Jan Michl’s e-mail  “… every picture owes more to other pictures painted before than it owes to nature.”  E.H. Gombrich, art historian, 1954 “… one of the most important properties of all fields of production [is] the permanent presence of the past of the field, which is endlessly recalled even in the very breaks which dispatch it to the past.”  Pierre Bourdieu, sociologist, 1984 “Any new thing that appears in the made world is based on some object already in existence. (…) each new technological system emerges from an antecedent system, just as each new discrete artifact emerges from antecedent artifacts.”  George Basalla, historian of technology, 1985

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