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MIX the snow sound Xmas ball

It is a tradition, for about fifteen years, the “Centre International d’Art Verrier de Meisenthal” (France) entrusts the design of a christmas ball to different contemporary creators. In the past, it took some fairly standard shapes: cloud, pine cone, drop, grapes, ice, …The 2014 glass ball is more original. It is called “MIX” and was created by Juan Pablo Naranjo and Jean-Christophe Orthlieb, a design duo from Nocc Studio (Paris). They were inspired by a winter evocation, the one made by the sound of footsteps in the snow. They recorded this sound and transformed the sound frequency into a graphic, and it is the profile of the sound wave that generated the form of “MIX”.
It’s a glass ball blown by the craftsmen of Meisenthal that complements their beautiful series of Christmas ornament.

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