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Light Emitting Wallpaper to Replace Light Bulbs

The Carbon Trust, a United Kingdom-based nonprofit set up by the British government, has awarded $720,000 to Lomox to develop OLED lighting (Organic Light Emitting Diodes).
© Jeroen Joosse
OLEDs use about half the power of fluorescents for a given light output, or about 1/9th the power of a traditional light bulb.
The OLED materials have a wide variety of potential applications and when coated onto a film could be used to cover walls creating a light-emitting wallpaper which replaces the need for traditional light bulbs.
As well as being flexible, OLED film will require a very low operating voltage (between 3 to 5 volts) so it can be powered by solar panels and batteries making it ideal for applications where mains power is not available such as roadside traffic warning signs.

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