Design Addict


Jorre van Ast / Industrial Designer

When is a jug not a jug? When its a jar! By screwing on plastic tops, these jars are turned into containers with a specific function. A jar is transformed into kitchenware, creating more practical and emotional value. The family includes a sugar pot, milk can, spice container, chocolate sprinkler, oil&vinegar set, mug and a water jug…

Clamp-a-book, clamp-a-hook, clamp-a cable… Design solutions derived from the clamp typology: a family of objects, each with a specific function. The collection of these informal utensils includes a book stop and a book finger, a book display, a hook and a rail that clamp onto the side of horizontal surfaces, a hook to clamp on to electrical pipes, a candle holder, and a cable manager that can be clamped onto a table leg.

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