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‘Hyper Actif – New Territories’ exhibition

Open is more (freedom is in the details)The “HYPER ACTIF” (HYPER ACTIVE) exhibition is a progression and an explicit illustration of the project matali crasset has been developing since 1991.  “HYPER ACTIF” shows how objects try to be more than what they are supposed to be, how they fight constraints, automatisms and confinement to specific functions.
matali crasset always gives users the opportunity to touch, twist and turn her creations.  This ability to transform is always visible, sometimes in the form of tiny details which can be seen nestling on the surface of the object (outgrowths, cuts, projections, recesses, tabs, etc.)

matali crasset – Seul-ensemble (alone-together) 2008 – seating to share – photos: Charles Duprat

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