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Gingerbread Competition

Last year CreativeRoom challenged some of Vancouver’s top architects and designers to reinvision the traditional typology of the gingerbread house. The competition was a candy-filled homage to The Case Study House Program organized by Arts and Architecture Magazine from 1945 to 1964. They asked the entrants to do away with ubiquitous veneer of jujubes and smarties in an effort to re-interpret the gingerbread house within a modern context. The results were outstanding!Ten delicious submissions from some of Vancouver’s finest architecture and design firms, a week long bidding battle, and a gala event (complete with studio critique) allowed them to exceed their fundraising expectations.
This holiday season they challenged again the creative class to put their aprons on, get out their poured in place gingerbread panels, and attempt to redefine the gingerbread typology once again.

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