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Dinges Wilton Carlyle

Dinges Wilton Carlyle

Wilton Carlyle Dinges (1916-1974) was an American tool maker with a background in engineering and an interest in sculptural design. In 1944, Dinges founded the company, Emeco after collaborating with Alcoa to develop a chair suitable for use on naval submarines and warships.

Emeco was founded in 1940 by Wilton Carlyle Dinges, in Hanover, PA. Emeco stands for Electrical Machine and Equipment Company. The company’s first products drew on the ability of local craftsmen and used scrap aluminum to create chairs, tables, and lockers for the American government. Emeco is most famous for their collaboration with Alcoa experts on the 1006 Navy Chair made of recycled aluminum that has been used on Navy submarines since 1944. The Navy Chair was so durable that it had an estimated life cycle of 150 years and far exceeded the Navy’s expectations. Made entirely of twelve aluminum parts welded together and carefully polished giving the impression of being made in one solid piece. To prove that the Navy chair was robust he once threw it through the window of the sixth floor at a fair in Chicago.

He died the 26th of  February 1974 (aged 57) in Charles Village, Baltimore City, Maryland, USA.

Navy Chair