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Crasset Matali

Crasset Matali

Matali lives and works in Paris and considers design to be research, working from an off-centred position both serving daily routines and tracing future scenarios.
With both a knowledgeable and naive view of the world, she questions the obviousness of codes so as to facilitate her breaking these bonds. Always in search of new territories to explore, she collaborates with eclectic worlds, from crafts to electronic music, from the textiles industry to fair trade, realising projects in set design, furniture, architecture, graphics, collaborations with artists, such as Peter Halley, with young furniture-making companies, as well as with municipalities and communes.

Microcosme, Contemporary Handknotted Rug Designed for Nodus

Floor Mirror

Pompon, Handtufdted Rug in Wool Designed for Nodus