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Casini Luca

Casini Luca

After art studies, Luca Casini graduated in architecture in 1996 and started his own product design firms “Luca Casini Design Studio and “Casini Studio” in Milano in 1997. He has been Contract Professor at Politecnico di Milano Industrial Design University for two years and founded the Casini&Pringiers design studio for which he has worked for some years. Luca Casini has collaborated with leading Italian and international companies in a multiplicity of different fields, extending his interests from functional and technical inventions to pure artistic works. He has developed projects ranging from fashion accessories, to home complements, furniture, and consumer products, from mass to luxury items. A background of experiences, which has contributed to forming his particular language and sensibility in a contemporary design contest. Attributes that have been translated in a linear but also eclectic approach, reflecting the density and complexity of our times. The particular care for shapes harmony and balance as well as the overall style elegance can be assumed as the minimum common denominator of his works, often recognized as endless classics. His prevalent minimalist style enriched by fine connotative accents and his “logical” compositions, has been integrated in the last years with more elaborated and communicative design expressions and with some conceptual works.
Luca Casini Design Studio – Casini Studio is a multidisciplinary industrial design firm which spaces from home and fashion accessories to technological products, working for renowned leading companies prevalently in Europe and in the United States. The studio based in the center of Milano is connotated by small dimensions and by a familiar atmosphere, privileging “quality to quantity” in the design process approach. Casini Studio offers design services from product design and 3D development to graphics and image consultancy. Luca Casini started in 2009 a research lab section oriented to small quantities production and limited edition art-furniture named Luca Casini Editions.
Casini has collaborated with: arcade-avec®, asa selection®, atoma®, auerhahn®, Colgate palmolive®, bic company®, DuPont? de Nemours, fiam italia®, elica®, elchim®, ferrero®, folle®, Gruppo confalonieri®, Luxottica group®, newell europe®, nike®, olivari®, ritzenhoff cristal®, Riva boats®, sphaus®, technogym®-monti, tvs®, unilever®, wmf®…


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